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Environmental Impact

  • reduced-ammonia-levels
  • reduced-greenhouse-gas
  • green-sustainable-fuel
  • reduced-dependance-foreign-oil
  • Reduced ammonia levels improve the working environment
  • Reduced overall green house gas emissions
  • Biomass is green, stable & sustainable
  • Saves an estimated 100 barrels of foreign oil per year

Our goal is to make your poultry operation MORE PROFITABLE! It begins with saving thousands in propane fuel costs and it ends with raising healthier birds. The Lee Energy Wood Pellet-Burning Furnace is the natural choice, and the natural way to improve your operations across the board.

20 tons of pellets have the same energy-producing potential as 100 barrels of crude oil - Help America become energy independent.

Wood Pellets Propane
Cost-effective & Predictable
Zero moisture content, resulting in:
- drier litter
- improved bird health
- reduced ammonia and odors
Zero carbon emissions
Renewable resource