Wood Pellet Advantages: Green Energy Education

Wood Pellet Energy is the future of sustainable heating sources in the Agricultural, Commercial, Residential and International markets. Boasting economic, environmental and efficiency benefits, wood pellet-burning furnaces are the key to low-cost, high-return heating solutions.



Natural. Clean Burning. Renewable.

Wood pellet-burning furnaces have many environmental benefits over traditional heating solutions. The proof can be seen in the decreased need for ventilation fans, visibly improved health and market worth of products, as well as enhanced work site conditions.

These benefits extend beyond facility walls and into the communities where we work, the regions where our products are delivered and the homes where are goods are consumed.

Lee Energy Solutions is the Green Solution.



Wood pellet fuel is one of the most inexpensive, sustainable, renewable, and carbon neutral fuel sources in the world.

At Lee Energy Solutions, we have taken every consideration to provide the best product on the market at a low direct cost and with minimal impact on the environment. Our practices are both efficient and impactful.

  • Nature’s Energy Wood Pellets are a 100% natural blend of soft and hard wood
  • Pellet dryer is fired by wood scraps from the pellet-making process; utilizing all by-products of the harvested wood and waste
  • Nature’s Energy Wood Pellets are consistent in size. Uniform size gives wood fuel a high burn efficiency, as a result of consistency
  • Low Moisture Content and Ash Content result in low carbon emissions. Less moisture also makes it possible to transport fuel source in a fixed space
  • Durability Index - 97.5



Wood pellets are a sustainable resource and require minimal processing for use. Made from natural materials, wood pellets make one man’s trash another man’s treasure by reusing materials and reducing our environmental footprint.

By comparison, 119 barrels of crude oil (a limited resource available at a climbing $75.00 USD per barrel) must be refined to make just 4500 gallons of propane, a commonly used fuel in the private, agricultural and industrial sectors. This method is costly, takes time and has a measurably negative impact on the environment.

Wood pellets are the environmentally sound choice and the fastest way to decrease our foreign oil dependency so that we can sustain growth in our domestic industry.



Save Fuel, Money and Time.

Wood Pellets have an inherent logistical ease for the consumer.

Wood pellet heating solutions cut down on administrative costs, shipping coordination and storage responsibilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is in your Nature’s Energy pellets?

Nature’s Energy Pellets are a 100% natural blend of soft and hard woods that are completely free from harmful additives.


Will I like heating with pellets?

Yes. Wood pellets are easy to use, sustainable, eco-friendly, efficient and convenient. Find out more by visiting the Benefits section.

What’s wrong with my current heating source?

If you are currently using propane fuel, your heating source includes a number of “problem attributes” that can be solved by making the switch to wood pellet energy. Fossil fuels, such as propane, have high emissions and moisture levels that can affect your home or facility as well as the environment. On average, propane-heating sources also have a higher cost and lower efficiency than wood pellet burning furnaces.

Why should I choose your Nature’s Energy pellets?

Lee Energy Solutions employs best industry practices and pellet production management to ensure that we bring a product with far lower net emissions than fossil fuels. We utilize high efficiency, renewable energy sources to power the entire manufacturing and transportation process, including a hydro-powered mill and waterway distribution channels for low-impact distribution.

Will pellet use cause deforestation?

No. Wood pellets can be made from reusable wood scraps (generally a product of sawmilling or other wood alterations) and responsibly grown fiber. They are a sustainable and renewable resource.

How do wood pellets support domestic industry and economy?

Nature’s Energy Wood Pellets are proudly made in the USA. Unlike other heating solutions, which are mainly supplied by foreign oil, our wood pellets are made by American industry for American industry. Domestic products stimulate the economy by creating jobs, reducing import costs and driving local markets.

Are wood pellets carbon neutral?

Yes. Trees naturally reabsorb the minimal emissions from the clean wood pellet burn.

Where can I get Nature’s Energy Wood Pellets?

Our Nature’s Energy Wood Pellets are available for bulk or bag order at retail/dealer locations, by pallet delivery program or by contacting a member of our sales team. For information on our current distributors, please visit the Dealer Locations section.