April 30 2014

Bonnie Plants uses carbon-neutral, wood pellet furnace to go even greener, save big over propane

Bonnie Plants proudly displays its move to the greenest energy on its Greener Grower site Bonnie Plants proudly displays its move to the greenest energy on its Greener Grower site

After a winter where conventional fuel was rationed and prices skyrocketed, Lee Energy Solutions is excited to announce the success of the LES BIO implementation at Bonnie Plants' headquarters Union Springs, AL. The furnace is carbon-neutral, sustainable and is helping greenouse operations save big. Plus, growers are ahead of looming regulations on emissions related to health and environment.

By burning wood pellets in my cutting propagation facility, I have been able to greatly reduce the amount of moisture in the greenhouses.  Burning wood pellets not only produces a “dry” heat, but no added moisture is released like when burning propane.  I have been able to grow a faster more uniform crop, while at the same time reducing fuel cost.   I also like the option of routing the heat under my benches so that the heat rises through the propagation area, helping to maintain the “root zone temperature” which is very critical with freshly propagated cuttings.-- Ken Andrews, Propagation Manager, Bonnie Plants

an excerpt from Bonnie Plants Website article : "THE GREENER GROWER"
"At our headquarters in Union Springs, a new 62,000 square foot greenhouse is heated through a clean wood-burning process designed by Lee Energy Solutions of Guntersville, Alabama. To create fuel for heat, the system burns wood pellets made from trees harvested locally using sustainable forestry practices. The system then reuses the smoke produced by this burning as a secondary source of fuel, creating a closed loop with minimal byproducts."